Thursday, November 29, 2012

China Glaze Seduce Me & Color Club Snow Flakes

I have a nice combination for you to check out today. I tried to take sunlight photos but they just did not look right, the better ones were the low light ones. So this China Glaze polish went on fantastically. I was very pleased that it was pretty opaque on the first coat, but I like two, so this is two. And the Color Club flakie, Snow Flakes, WOW! It woke this pretty crème’ right up! I didn’t get any before photos of the Seduce Me, another time and I will. Take a look at the photos:

I wish that my camera was capable of capturing this polish combination for you, but trust me it’s incredible, it goes from green, yellow and orange all in these lovely flakes. They are pretty densely packed in the polish too, I didn’t find myself needing to double dip to get more flakies out to put on areas that weren’t covered, because all areas got covered in the first and only pass. I was tickled by this manicure. It really glows, I hope you like it too. If you’re into flakies, you might want to go by Sally’s and snatch this one up if you’ve not grabbed it already.

I’m sorry I haven’t stamped in a while, but I am taking a little break from it until we’ve moved. We are days away from packing up and moving! So exciting! We should be closing on the house by next Friday, maybe even sooner. I am worried about moving my collection, but I’ll just take them over in the car and that’s just how it’s going to have to go down. I am eager to set up a nail station and share photos of it, it’s going to be in our new two car garage, but that’s okay, I can live with that. Okay, that’s all I’ve got for you today, I wish you happy polishing.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

I bring you a classic, one of my favorite ever China Glazes and one that set off my urge to start collecting polishes. Of course I had others, but I really didn’t realize how many I would end up with a year and a half later. As far as using Ruby Pumps, I didn’t have to thin it at all. It’s great to work with, this is two coats, with Seche Vite as my top coat.

I must admit after having the Finger Paints glitter bomb, Santa’s Magic on for two manicures in a row I was having a little glitter withdrawals. I know, I know, it’s Ruby Pumps! But it just looks like a pretty red polish until you get it in the light or sunshine. I resisted the urge to layer some Santa’s Magic over it, and I am glad I did, it’s such a great polish on its own. I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a lovely holiday. I wish you happy polishing! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Revlon Dreamer & Finger Paints Santa’s Magic

I couldn’t get enough of that last manicure, I wore it just over a week too. So today when I was thinking about it, I held up the glitter next to Dance Baby from China Glaze and it just didn’t work for me, but the glitters blues reached out to me, which made me think that Dreamer would be perfect. I think it’s a great combination, reminding me of stars in the daytime sky. And with one coat of Seche Vite there is no grittiness to this manicure or the previous one.

Hope you like the photos, I had good results with the Revlon again, it was nice to work with, not too streaky on the first coat, and perfect by coat two. The Finger Paints glitter, Santa’s Magic, again, was one coat for this amount of coverage. Amazing polish, that’s all I can say. It’s wonderful. I was talking to my mother about this manicure earlier today as my nails were setting, and told her that I didn’t think I needed a backup bottle of this one, as “I have a lot of other glitters I love to use too.” 

Because I couldn't get enough of this polish I made and uploaded a video of this polish in motion to youtube:

I don’t see myself stamping over this manicure either, so I am not sure when I’ll have another update. We’re packing and gearing up for moving into the new house, but we still don’t have a firm closing date yet. I took 1 mm of length off my nails this morning, just because of the preparations for moving. With Thanksgiving almost here, this is my Thanksgiving manicure.

I have other news too, my good friend from Makeup Alley and Facebook, will doing some guest posts for us on Nail Soup! She’s gotten numerous Ninja Polishes, and other brands I don’t have, that I am looking forward to seeing her swatches and reviews of those. So that’s it! I wish you happy polishing and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Finger Paints Santa’s Magic

I bring you a total glitterbomb of a manicure today. Underneath the incredible glitter polish, I have on China Glaze’s No Plain Jane. That one went on really well. I was very impressed with how pigmented it was, two coats, my usual, and it was fully opaque. Then I layered Finger Paints Santa’s Magic over it and WOW! So here’s the pic of the bottle, then my manicure and I have a video for you too. That’s how much I love this manicure:


It’s unlisted, so you have to go to the page and watch it there, but I hope you like it. I had a French manicure on for close to a week, that’s why I didn’t post for so long, and I used stickers because I didn’t own m19, the French tip plate from Konad. But I got so frustrated with how the white leaked under the sticky tabs I went ahead and ordered it. It arrived yesterday and I have to admit, I am not anxious to try it right away because of this current manicure that is like a disco ball, or blinking Christmas tree lights on my nails.

Except for some minor tip wear this manicure is in great shape. I used Seche Vite for the topcoat, and surprisingly this glitterbomb wasn’t gritty. I only like to do one layer of Seche Vite, and then layer on another topcoat later. On Day three I topcoated the manicure again, with NYC Grand Central Station to help extend it. We’ll see if I can make it until Monday.

Here’s a pic of the little Sally’s haul I did, I picked up Glitter All The Way, it’s literally like a Mardi Gras glitter, it’s perfect for that! Then I have Glistening Snow, WOW! It’s like Fairy Dust, but packed with extra glitter, and finally Finger Paints Santa’s magic. I originally passed on the Color Club Flakie, Snow Flakes, but then I had passer’s regret and went back the next day and picked up their last bottle. It’s a great little flakie, and not quite like Flashy, the Finger Paints flakie that I picked up earlier this year. I don’t have any photos of it yet, but trust me it’s pretty.

Well that’s it! Pretty long entry for today, I probably could have split it in two, but I figured it would be better to have one big entry then two short ones. I really am hoping that my silicone fingertip gripper polish removal technique works good for this manicure, I'll be sure to report back in my next entry. Take care and I wish you all happy polishing!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nov. 8th No H8 Day

I fully support the movement among nail bloggers for eradicating hate and cyber bullying in our lovely nail polish loving community. Bullying is not funny, it is not right and it cannot be tolerated. I heard about this day being chosen this morning and luckily hadn’t already done a manicure for the weekend yet. Purple is the color that was chosen to show support for this cause and you probably already know about the image on my sidebar, as it’s being added to more and more blogs. Here is where I first addressed this issue a few days ago after the original incident and I didn't feel it was necessary to repost everything here, so I will expand on why I feel so strongly about bullying being wrong.

I was bullied in elementary school, because I stood up for a young student whose glasses were as thick as magnifying glasses when the others teased him, instead of just jumping on the bandwagon. There was another young man with red hair who pulled on my pony tails in 1st grade and onward would mock me, despite being mocked and made fun of himself. He was bullied, and tormented just like I and my friend with the glasses too, but he chose suicide at age 13 with a shotgun. Kids are cruel.

While I couldn’t bring myself to go to his viewing, yes they did one with a hood over his face, someone there pulled it off I heard. I just cannot believe how awful it was to hear that. I remember the guilt I felt because I had it in my power to do what I had with the other student, to befriend him. We both loved J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, but yet because of how he’d bothered me in elementary school. So as you might think, this holds a deeply rooted place in my heart to stand up to saying “This is wrong!”

We all love the joy nail polish is supposed to bring into our lives, and love sharing that joy with each other. It is my hope, that we will see this list below continue to grow over the next day as more bloggers find out about this. And next year, on November 8th, I’ll be doing another purple manicure in support of No H8 Day. I thank you for your support and want to thank every blogger on this list, you’re awesome for being part of this movement. Thank you for reading this and for your support, these bloggers listed below support No H8 too. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Revlon Dreamer With DRK – A

I really like the way this manicure turned out. When I was out with my mother this weekend we went by Walgreen’s, and they had Revlon on for Buy 1 get 1 50% off, so she wanted Copper Penny and I wanted Dreamer. She bought Dreamer for me and I couldn’t want to use it. It applied like butter, no streakiness at all by the second coat and you know me, I really am a two coat kind of girl. I used Seche Vite here and my usual Beauty Secrets Moisturizing Base Coat.

I decided on using my DRK – A plate today, and I think for the most part it came out great considering I was stamping outside in chilly weather. I think it looks pretty good considering I was shivering just a little bit.

Anyway, this is Sally Hansen’s Co-Bolt Blue from the Insta-Dri line. It stamped beautifully and I will definitely be using it again with Dreamer. I think the combination is striking and elegant, and I hope you like it too. As for news on things, we’ve had our closing date pushed back to almost the end of November, not sure if it’s going to happen at all, but we’re not giving up yet. So wish us luck! Thanks for stopping by and I wish you happy polishing!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

No H8 in the Nail Blogger Community

You might have noticed the new image on my sidebar. You’ll probably be seeing more of it on other blogs, it was originated here and as other people have discussed the events leading up to my feeling the need to add this simple image to my sidebar, I think The Crumpet sums it up perfectly here, so if you’d like to read up on what I’m upset about you can check out her blog. It’s enough for me to say here that I do not approve of anyone trying to make other’s feel bad for not having perfect nails, or perfect cuticles.

In fact one of my mantra’s has been “There’s no such thing as a PERFECT manicure” so I am not as hard on myself about a smudge or ding anymore. I’ve realized you can end up messing up five good nails when trying to fix one or two messed up ones, and that just stinks. At any rate, I simply want to say here that I’ve made some statements on the Polishing Facebook groups I’m part of, about how upset this made me, and I stand by those comments. No one has the right to spread hate under the guise of humor. And if I didn’t speak up about it, I would feel as if I was silently condoning that hateful, bullying opinion of others.

Yes, it’s all about opinions, and whether we like it or admit it or not, words can and DO have the power to hurt. It’s not right, to cast a wide net, even if you say later that you’re trying to be funny, to say you only want to see good manicures, and that others who don’t live up to your unstated standards shouldn’t ‘share their efforts.’ That is hateful and in my opinion, bullies a lot of us out here in Nail Blogger land that aren't hurting people if we share manicures that aren't perfect. While I am sure this whole fiasco has upset a lot of nail bloggers, I am also sure it will prevent more from starting up then it will encourage or 'entertain.'

Now I understand the use of Black or Dark Humor, and to me? Again my opinion here, this person’s jabs were not Black or Dark humor, and that’s why I have made the comments I have elsewhere and here on my blog. I am PROUD to be part of this mostly loving and delightful community, but as with any place in the world online or in real life, it takes all kinds to make up a community. That’s not to say we shouldn’t speak up when we see something we have a problem with though. Stand up against hate groups. I feel sorry for the people who didn’t give it enough thought about the repercussions of being a part of this group I won’t name here, but I think that it’s only reasonable to think that many people would feel they were being slighted and would have their feelings hurt.

I will close with this, remember when a certain nail polish company stole blogger’s photos, removed the watermarks and put them on a display recently? Did we sit around and TAKE that? No, we stood up TOGETHER and got them to stop and admit their wrongdoing. I am proud of this community for doing that then and I am proud of it again for standing up against this hate group. We cannot allow people to sling hate around as humor, it opens a door to a dark place we definitely do not want to go. I thank you for your time in reading all of this and even if you just skipped to the bottom, hey, you all ROCK and I appreciate every one of you who’ve followed, commented or even just checked out Nail Soup in the year and a half I’ve been blogging. Feel free to leave a link to a No H8 entry on your blog in the comments, I look forward to seeing more blogger's thoughts on this subject. Thank you, and take care.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe Stamped

I bring you a color I’ve worn before, but this time I stamped over it. It’s Color Club’s Beyond the Mistletoe, a gorgeous blue glitter that my old camera failed to capture as did my new camera. It’s so sparkly it’s hard to capture. On my previous entry on this polish I applied it over Color Club Pure Energy, this time I just did two coats on its own. I think it worked out fine. However, I had to really, really thin it, I must have added 2 ml’s of thinner, seriously! And it was still rather thick, but not to the point it was unworkable. I was just careful to not overload the brush. 

I used BM318 and two Sally Hansen Insta-Dri’s, one in Rapid Red, and the other in Mint Sprint. I did originally plan on only stamping the ring finger, which is why it’s the only one that’s off centered. But that’s how it goes, like I’ve said before and say to myself at times like that, “There’s no such thing as a perfect manicure,” which makes it easier to swallow having an imperfection or two in one. I will definitely be redoing this manicure, but over a different color, the Adventures In Stamping group on Facebook has a challenge this Sunday for Stamping over Glitter, and I can’t stamp on weekends with my son home.

I hope you like it, I really do, it sparkles in the sunshine like no one’s business and I now know the combo of the two Insta-Dri’s work great together! So mission accomplished! I want to thank all of you who have recently started following Nail Soup, I really appreciate it, I know I don’t have the best or biggest blog around, but I really do enjoy bringing different nail art and manicures to you, so a big huge “Thank you” to all the new followers and to all of you still following the blog, I don’t have any house news right now, but I’ll definitely post when I do. Thanks for checking out the blog and I wish you all happy polishing!