Monday, December 31, 2012

Nubbins for New Year's

Hi, I am Lili Anne, and I am going to be an occasional guest blogger on Nail Soup. I share my love of all things lacquer with Pam, so I thought I'd say hello and Happy New Year.

Here's a cool shade from the Hunger Games Collection by China Glaze that's been on the market for about nine months but it's new to me as I just got it on clearance at one of my favorite beauty stores. Electrify is a nice glitter polish because it's not a complete glitter bomb but it has a pretty, shiny finish with a beautiful color payoff of gold and red. The picture here of my manicure is two coats of Electrify over a chocolate brown polish. Even when using a couple coats of top coat, the finish isn't completely smooth but it adds to the funky nature of the manicure.

As a New Year's Eve party mani, this shade is perfect as it reflects light and is very eye-catching. I can see it on the dance floor at a club or in the flicker of candlelight at a nice restaurant or dinner at home.

Electrify will continue to be a favorite of mine throughout the year as it quickly covers the nail in one to two thin coats, and it's gorgeous!

Happy New Year's ya'll. I hope you like my New Year's nubbins.

Lili Anne

Sunday, December 23, 2012

New House & Small Haul

We moved in and as I expected it totally destroyed my nails. I cut them all off and think that it’s either trauma or I might even have a fungus from the way the polish lifted on my ringer fingers that I left some length on and moisture got under, between the nail and the polish. We’ll see, so I might be taking some time off from blogging until things recover, I might still quickly swatch new polishes without top coat and no glitters, but they won’t be worn as manicures until I am sure my nails are all right.

Here’s some photos of the new house from the inside, it’s awesome living in our own place. Great location, and it’s a wonderful house. I think the insects are going to bother me though. Oh well, it’s just how it goes. Everything has trade-offs. We’ll have to measure the positives and negatives later. But for now we’re definitely in the honeymoon phase!

Here’s the polishes I picked up, Fifty-Four is the first Orly, then Love Each Other, Angel Eyes, and two from the newest collection, the first is It’s A Trap-Eze, and I got lucky, I snagged Sally’s last bottle of Dorothy Who, then last is Surreal Appeal. 

I really love them all, but sadly I need to wait before I have a chance to use them. I will be taking a break from blogging for a little while as I am having some oral surgery in January and other things going on in real life preventing me from blogging for a little while. Thank you for reading and I wish you all Happy Holiday. As always happy polishing!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Layla Ocean Rush & The Closing Manicure!

For the house closing I wanted to wear a holo, but if you’re familiar with this polish, you know how chippy it is. It lasted two days, and I had to redo them. I was sad too that we hadn’t closed yet. Turned out to be Monday before we were able to close, BUT we DID close! We moved in on Tuesday and here it is Thursday, and I am so happy to say we are exhausted, but moved in! Everything is in chaos though except for my polishes! Hehehe, those made it over in the car and I moved them in personally.

My nail area isn’t set up yet, but it will be soon. I mean I could polish if I was motivated, but I am so tired still I just can’t. We got up after spending our first night here, at 4 AM. It was nuts! None of us could sleep! I want to get a little out of boxes before I show you the house. Trust me it’s awesome. I am so happy to be here! But back to my manicure, here’s a photo of Layla’s Ocean Rush:

Now I am sure you’re all wondering, if I didn’t have this on for the close what did I wear for it, right? Well I decided on China Glaze’s Gothic Lolita with Finger Paints Santa’s Magic of course! I am so in love with the magic that IS Santa’s Magic, I am considering buying another bottle from the Sally’s website, it’s fantastic polish! And it’s just like looking at little Christmas lights. I’ve included a blurred pic so you can see just how sparkly this polish can be.

Isn’t that amazing? I really love this one. I think it’s become my ultimate favorite new glitter polish. Well that’s it! Two manicures in one entry, lots of news and a fair number of photos, so until I can get things set up for next time, I wish you Happy Holidays and Happy Polishing!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Tweed Halston III Makeup Bag

I went out yesterday and saw my favorite Thrift Store had 50% off purses and shoes written on their big outside chalkboard. Now I never can find shoes, because my foot is too wide, but I sometimes luck out on killer purses or makeup bags I can store polish in. So I decided to look around. I saw some great bags, but I already have a great purse I got from them. What I wanted was something to put a lot of polish in. Then I saw it. On the floor back in the back and I immediately sauntered over, as well as a person can casually saunter using a wheelchair.

It was marked at $6.00 and at first I sighed. I checked it, it was in great shape, and I decided I had to try to get it. My favorite worker was at the checkout and I took it up, no one else was in line yet, and I said, “I found this back there, it’s marked for $6.00, but with the sale on purses, I am wondering if you’d let it go for $3.00. If you will I’ll take it.” She thought about it, and I was sure she was about to say no, when she came back with, “Sure, it doesn’t really matter anyway. $3.00 it is.”

I’ve bought a lot of things from them, so I think that helped. She’s walked out a footstool to the car for me before and had one of the guys walk out a TV stand out that I bought. They’ve always got cheap shirts on sale too, and with how my son grew over the five years I’ve known about this store, I’ve bought a TON of those! So here is my new China Glaze storage solution:

In house news, we finally got our loan through its final approval and I am tickled to say that we’re supposed to be closing this week either Thursday or Friday and we’re set to move in, hopefully by next Tuesday. Because of this and needing to pack like crazy, I’ve cut all my nails down, rather than having one or more break on me. 

I apologize for the bad photo, it's early and the sun's not out, so I took this from the kitchen. My nails do still have a touch of length, and it’s my hope they’ll regrow to my previous length quickly. So finally, I’ll be able to set up my garage nail station! I will be wearing Layla Ocean Rush for the closing if you were curious, and I will do a blog entry on that manicure later this week. For now that’s all, I wish you all very happy polishing!