Monday, August 27, 2012

China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic

I have had this one for a little while, since the spring, but today I decided to wear it. The formula was great on this polish. This is two coats, with Seche Vite as the Top Coat. I really love this color. It photographs well too. I hope you like the photos.

I am delighted to say that on the home front, we have made our third off on a home, the perfect home for our family, and it was signed off on Sunday! We wet today to put a $500 deposit/earnest money down on the contract. I will keep you posted, but it’s looking like we’ll be moving in during the first week or so of October! It’s been almost a year of searching too, but we finally have the end in sight. Thanks for the encouragement, I wish you happy polishing!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mother’s First Manicure

I just had to share, I am so pleased! Her gift went over so well, and she used the Fergie (Wet n’ Wild) Grammy Gold that I added to her gift bag for her. Hope you like it like we do. She used the Beauty Secrets Ridge Filling Base Coat and the NYC Grand Central Station for the top coat. I think she did a fabulous job on it!

Hope you enjoyed these two photographs, this is day two of her manicure too! Thanks for coming by Nail Soup and I wish you happy polishing!

China Glaze Fifth Avenue

This is one I really like, but I have only worn once before. It’s a dusty rose color and I needed a palette cleanser after the gorgeous glitter of the previous manicure. It was rough to take off but I managed. Glitters take more time to remove. And the red temporarily stained my cuticles, but I think this manicure I bring you today turned out well.

This is two coats, with Seche Vite as the top coat. I need to order some Seche Restore as I have one half bottle in my nail supplies and this one is getting thick. Hopefully it will help ‘Restore’ my top coat to its usual awesomeness. The formula on Fifth Avenue is great, I could have gotten away with one coat, but I prefer the way a manicure wears with two coats. One always chips too soon. Thanks for checking out my blog and I wish you happy polishing!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Made Mother A Nail Kit

I picked up this gorgeous velvety makeup bag at a thrift store in perfect condition, for $2 and it’s a Victoria Secret bag! I loved the pattern the moment I saw it. I know this isn’t a Nail Of The Day/Manicure post, but I thought you’d enjoy seeing what I’ve put together for my mother to enjoy as her entry back into doing her own nails. 

I included mostly new supplies, a red tipped cuticle pusher, a fresh fat orange wood stick, my newest Beauty Secret’s Moisturizing Base Coat, a unopened NYC Grand Central Station top coat, since she gagged over the Seche Vite I applied to her nails a few weekends ago, and since Poshe has kind of changed their bottle, I think the formula got changed along with it, so I thought the NYC top coat would be perfect.

Then for the other things, I included a brand new 7 way buffer, half a package of cotton pads, about 1/3 bag of pointy Q-tips for her to use for cleanup and finally the polishes. When I got my Transdesign order I honestly was a little underwhelmed by Manhunt, I’m Not Lion, and Kalahari Kiss, but when Mother and I looked at swatches a few weekends ago she loved them, so even when I ordered them, I figured I’d give her those three. 

So no swatches of those from me, maybe some from her Nail Of The Day photographs, if she’s okay with me taking photographs of her work, or letting me do it for her. So those three, plus China Glaze Electrify, Winter Berry and Hard Candy Beetle are all included in this ‘Welcome back to the world of polish Mother!’ kit I hope she falls in love with. I sent her a picture of the bag last night and she seemed to love it, so we’ll see! I am hoping she can swing by tomorrow and pick it up, otherwise it will be Saturday. And with the Tropical Storm soon to be Hurricane Isaac out there I am wanting her to have this well before Monday when it’s forecast to be impacting Florida.

Here’s the photographs:

Thanks for looking! I will be doing my nails up in something else soon, probably Desert Sun and maybe I Herd That again. I think those two were made for one another. Happy polishing to you!

Edited to add: She LOVED it! SO happy! And if you look in this last pic you can see the other two polishes I added, Red Carpet Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear and China Glaze Grape Juice! Also added the Beauty Secrets ridge filler base coat. I love that she's back into polishing! She wanted a gold foil too, and you might remember the Fergie Wet n' Wild I picked up that I wasn't in love with, well she fell hard for it so it went home with her too! ♥

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adventure Red-Y & Glitters

Wow, I am in love with Love Marilyn! I think over the Adventure Red-Y it looks like pretty strawberries. I thought that because we had oatmeal with cut up fresh strawberries this morning and I noticed they kind of matched my accent nails. The other glitter I used is from the On Safari Collection, I Herd That, it was like liquid gold leaf when I put it on. I am sorry I don’t have any swatches of Adventure Red-Y, but I did my nails late last night and I wanted to apply the glitter over it after I worked with the red polish. This is two coats of red and one of each of the glitters.

As for the polishes themselves, I must admit Adventure Red-Y was somewhat thick and a little difficult to work with. I think it might stamp well so I didn’t want to thin it just yet. I will if it doesn’t stamp well, but for now I left it as is. The glitters were just fine though, I applied them alternating them and had to dip the brush in twice for the Love Marilyn nails, but only once on the I Herd That ones. I like the look of the Love Marilyn’s, but I also love the look of the I Herd That ones too. I can’t honestly choose which I like better, which is why I decided to use both in this manicure.

Thought you’d enjoy a longer perspective shot showing my entire hand, I know I normally don’t have so many photos, but I really wanted to share the difference looks of these polishes. I am debating on whether or not to stamp something over this manicure, so what do you think? Yes, definitely stamp or No, leave it as it stands? Hope you’re having a great polish week, I know I am since I got my order from Transdesign! I wish you all happy polishing. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Transdesign China Glaze Haul

My order arrived today, the one thing I was disturbed by was the temperature of the poor polishes. They felt WARM to the touch, so I took photographs quickly and took them out of the boxes. I plan on a great manicure with the red, and the one Eye Candy I grabbed, Love Marilyn, so look for that tomorrow or Wednesday. I just wanted to share the haul pictures which show the shades I picked out from this awesome China Glaze On Safari Collection.

I really cannot wait to try every single one of them, but Adventure Red-y is calling to me as is Love Marilyn. Thank you for stopping by my blog and happy polishing!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

China Glaze Deviantly Daring

This is one fabulous polish, it’s like it glows. I picked it up at Sally’s yesterday with Rare & Radiant, I will also be getting No Plain Jane, and Want My Bawdy soon too. But back to Deviantly Daring, it was a little thick, but I must confess, I used two coats on my left hand, and left it at one on my right and I see no differences in color. This polish is fully opaque at one coat, I think it is very pretty, and I hope you’d agree.

I decided to stamp it with Sally Hansen’s Silver Sweep, from the Insta-Dri line, I used Bundle Monster BM-314. I like the effect and wanted to try the other one that had a pretty floral pattern. I really like how it turned out. It was easy to work with, and I have heard that this collection stamps well, but I was eager to get it on my nails as a base manicure to stamp over. I have seen that they water marble well too, so I might try that with the ones I end up with. That’s all I’ve got for you today, I wish you happy polishing and look for a big haul post from Transdesign I will be doing next week!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sinful Colors Amethyst

This is another good one from Sinful Colors. I had no trouble applying it, the formula is great, not too thin and not too thick. To be honest I wanted to test it, so this is one coat, can you believe it? Total coverage all in one coat, I was amazed. I used LA Colors Rainbow Glitter as an addition because I wanted it underneath some stamping. It’s mostly blue and red glitters, and it was also one coat, with Seche Vite as my top coat.

I picked up one of the new Wet ‘n Wild Fergie collection, Grammy Gold, but to be honest I wasn’t impressed with it for stamping. It’s probably a great polish on its own, but I wanted it for stamping. I should have just grabbed the Gold Essie. I will probably get that one soon. I used Bundle Monster 314 for the stamping, and my black XL stamper. It was such a subtle addition I almost can’t see it in my photographs, I hope you can, I think that the Top Speed, Golden by Revlon stamps better, so unless I get the Essie I will just stick with that one.

As for home front news, nothing new to report, we’re still looking, and have accepted that it’s going to take a while, so we’re just checking the local listings a few times a day and hoping to get the jump on a good one before investors suck it up like they seem to have for every house we thought might have worked out. My patience wore off, so I hauled some China Glazes from Transdesign, I’ll post a picture when they arrive, I got Love Marilyn, and seven of the On Safari’s. Next month I’ll pick up some of the Luster Chromes/Bohemians. Thanks for checking out Nail Soup, until next manicure, happy polishing!

Friday, August 10, 2012

NYC Downtown

I picked this polish up in a blister pack at the Dollar Tree a while back and I am excited to say it is great polish. I was very impressed with its opacity and this is two coats with Seche Vite as my top coat and Sally’s Beauty Secret’s Moisturizing Base Coat underneath. The formula is fantastic, I loved how well it applied and that it wasn’t too thick or too thin. It was perfect and I had no trouble getting the polish where I wanted it with the brush. I really liked their top coat from this In A New York Minute line and had high hopes for their polishes.

I decided to stamp using Konad Special white polish and my Bundle Monster 318 image plate. I just love the way this new XL Stamper works, it had no trouble picking up images and I was able to see the image just fine on the white tipped end of the stamper. I really think the stamper is well worth getting and so are the new Bundle Monster plates.

I have no news on the home front, we’re still looking. We had a second offer in on a place but some investor managed to get a cash offer in and we’re sorry to hear that they decided not to go with our offer. There’s one more we have our eyes on, so who knows? For now I am still on a low buy, I won’t call it a no buy anymore, because I must have added about 8 polishes since June when I said I was going on a no buy, but they’ve all been on sale. Anyway, I’ll keep you all updated when there’s news. Thanks for checking back with my blog and I wish you happy polishing.

Monday, August 6, 2012

China Glaze Aquadelic

I am very impressed with this polish, like my other Eletropops this polish applied like a dream with very good opacity. This is two coats, like I am accustomed to wearing, with Seche Vite as the Top Coat. I have heard this one stains, so I will let you know in my next manicure blog post if that was the case as I only use one coat of Sally’s Beauty Secrets Moisturizing Base Coat. I sometimes use two but not that often anymore.

I like this color a lot, it’s very close to China Glaze’s For Audrey, but this one drew me in whereas For Audrey never did. I can’t explain why, but when I was hauling my Electropops I added it to my list and I am really glad I did. Every one of them I’ve tried has been fantastic, with almost one coat opacity and really decent formula. I stamped it with Snow Me White by Sinful Colors, and I like the effect. I used my DRK-A plate, one of the pretty filigree patterns. I hope you like it. I just adore my XL Stamper, it makes stamping such a dream, I was even able to see the white polish on the white tipped end. It's my favorite stamper.

We finally heard on the house, the owner had to declare bankruptcy so our deal was nullified. We have been trying to find another place, but a lot of great deals have passed us by because we were under contract with this home. So that’s that. Big bummer. I didn’t change my manicure for over a week because I wanted to wear a “mainstream” color in case we had to sign a new contract on a new home, and the realtor would be looking at my hands a lot. Didn’t happen. But it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you since I know many of you were pulling for us for this to happen. I thought this pretty polish would be just the ticket to cheer me up and I was right. It makes me smile every time I look down at my hands. I am sorry I went so long between entries, but we’ve been scrambling to find another house and looked at so many this past week and a half it’s ridiculous. Thank you for your support and happy polishing to you.