Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Revlon Dreamer Stamped With DRK-A

I wanted to do another blue toned manicure, and with how well the previous manicure wore with a glitter topper I decided to use one of the China Glaze Prismatics with Revlon’s Dreamer. I used two coats of Dreamer, then one coat of China Glaze’s Liquid Crystal, which I adore, and then Seche Vite. After it was dry and nicely set, I pulled out my DRK-A plate and got my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Co-Bolt Blue out. Like I usually do I used NYC Grand Central Station for the top coat over the stamping. Hope you like the photos, I still haven’t made my light box yet, hopefully soon.

I wore this manicure for five days and could have gone six without any chipping, so I was very impressed with the combination of polishes. That’s it for today! Thank you for coming by Nail Soup, I wish you happy polishing!


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    1. Thank you Sara! I just love the way this one turned out.


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