Friday, March 1, 2013

Fergie Make Them Boys Go Loco

I bring you a spectacular manicure today of Fergie’s Make Them Boys Go Loco. My mother had picked it up and I had eyeballed it, but passed. THEN she WORE IT! I saw it on her nails last weekend and simply had to own it, seriously. I was lucky I found my local Walgreen's had one bottle left so I didn't have to hunt it down too far. I used my usual base of Sally’s Beauty Secret’s Moisturizing Base Coat, then I used China Glaze Adventure Red-Y from the Safari Collection as the base manicure, two coats of that, then two coats of the Fergie. And WOW!

As you can see it’s got bigger chunks of red glitter, and it’s all set in a blackened jelly suspension base with tinier red glitter. I really am impressed with it, and Mother has reported it’s wearing like iron for her too, but her base is different. I gave her my bottle of Instant Artificials and she’s hooked on using that, but over the color coats, and underneath the top coat, she uses NYC Grand Central Station. If Sally’s has some Instant Artificials when I swing by later I am getting another bottle to re-add it back to my polishing routine because I remember it definitely made a big difference in how long and well a manicure would wear. The top coat here is Seche Vite, and even with two coats of the glitter to get my desired effect, it doesn’t feel gritty at all.

I hope you enjoyed sharing this manicure with me, it’s one I’ll do again, but this time over Ravishing Darling by China Glaze, as Mother used Love Struck from Nina Ultra Pro and we had slightly different results in the tone of our red outcomes, and I liked both, but want to try it over a really vampy red like Ravishing Darling which I just picked up this past week at Sally’s along with some others to add to my collection. Thank you for reading and happy polishing!


  1. I need to try some Fergie stuff! Great mani. And don't forget to earn daily entries in my GIVEAWAY ♥

    1. I really like the Fergie's I've tried, something I didn't mention was the moppy brush though, I probably should have, will have to post a pic of it on my next polish review...


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