Monday, March 4, 2013

MASH 2012 set & Winstonia Image Plates From Amazon

I treated myself to these two image plate sets and the just arrived Thursday the 27th. I am very excited to get these, as I’ve seen other’s efforts using them and their results were exciting! They both have images I really wanted to add to my image plate collection and while I was waiting on the post office lady to bring them to me, I organized the rubber waffle, shelf liner that I picked up from the Dollar Tree, by cutting rectangles and stuffing them into my baseball card protector sheets, of which I have PLENTY still to allow for room to grow.

I really am looking forward to using these plates and will soon, but for now they remain untested. As other blogs have done detailed images and you all know I am not one to do photo heavy entries, I’ll leave that to those who are better able to do them as they do a fabulous job on that kind of posting. I will keep bringing you manicures with nail art and polish reviews on polishes I’ve purchased as I just got two from the Avant Garden China Glaze collection I am eager to try out for Spring and I was eye balling one from the new Finger Paints Spring Collection. So more posts with polish reviews coming soon! Thanks for coming by and I hope to have a review on using these two sets of plates for you in the next week or two. Happy polishing!

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