Friday, March 22, 2013

Revlon Dreamer & Santa’s Magic Back Again

A favorite manicure is too good not to repeat. A friend’s daughter is turning Sweet Sixteen Sunday and in honor of that event and another friend’s birthday yesterday, I thought I would bring back an old favorite manicure of mine. The trusty gorgeousness of Revlon’s Dreamer and the glittery goodness that is Finger Paints Santa’s Magic. I know I’ve done this one once before, but it’s one of my favorite combinations. And this time I am expecting to get some good wear out of it as I used my usual Beauty Secrets Moisturizing base coat, with Instant Artificials underneath my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip top coat. I am very pleased with this combination of base, strengthener, and top coats, they are wearing like iron for me since I’ve begun combining the three in this fashion.

Like last time I won’t be stamping over this one, it’s just too pretty to put another layer of polish overtop of. If you’re interested the video for this polish in motion is located here:

My Blue Eyed Soul manicure, stamped with Pure Ice, Silver Mercedes lasted a full week and had zero chipping, so I think I really might be onto something with this combination for myself. I wish what worked for me, would work for everyone, but the truth in my experience, is you need to experiment with base coat and top coat combinations to see what is your best working combination. I am planning on trying something else for a base coat and I will keep you informed on when that happens and how it goes when I switch it up a bit. Thank you for coming by and checking out my blog and I wish you happy polishing.


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